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How to Make Your Support Experience Awesome

Here are some important tips to help us serve you best. Including these details and using recommended tools, prevents us from having to ask follow-up questions, saves everyone time, and allows us to perform your edits more quickly and efficiently!   

Use Loom 🎥   This Chrome extension allows you to take quick videos if a written email or screenshots just won’t cut it.  

Include screenshots 📷   This is super helpful for our technical team. When you send images of exactly what’s wrong, we can nail down exactly what needs to be done. 

UNHELPFUL: “I need the attached image added to my blog post!” 

HELPFUL: “Please add the attached image to my blog post ( and see the directions below to put it in the right place. Thanks!”   

Our 5 favorite screenshot tools are:

Add a descriptive subject line 👌   It’s best to include high-level details in your subject field so that we’ll know exactly where to go to make the changes you want.   

UNHELPFUL: Subject – (No subject) 

HELPFUL: About Us page needs realignment   

Be as specific as possible 📏   Include as many details as you can when you’re giving us edits or tasks to complete. That way, we know exactly what needs to be done.   

UNHELPFUL: “My website has some spelling mistakes. Please fix them all ASAP!” 

HELPFUL: “My About Me page has the word “WordPress” in it but it should be “WordPress” with a capital P. Please change that when you can!”  

Include the browser or device you’re using 💻   This will help us to troubleshoot the issue and fix it faster. If we’re looking at your website on Chrome but your issue was on Firefox, that’s something we need to know.   

UNHELPFUL: “My website’s header looks funny! Please fix it!” 

HELPFUL: “The background color of my header looks a little off. I’m using Google Chrome on a tablet. Please fix this when you can!”   

Include links to where changes need to be made 🔗   This way, we know exactly what page you’re referring to and can go right there when making any necessary edits.   

UNHELPFUL: “One of my blog posts needs a featured image. Please add one!” 

HELPFUL: “This blog post needs a featured image. Please add the attached one:”

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